Welcome to Florida House on Capitol Hill

Come visit our 19th-Century Washington D.C. Row House, which has transformed into Florida’s State Embassy.

Located in the Heart of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Florida House is nestled at the heart of Capitol Hill, positioned across the street from the Supreme Court, the Folger Shakespeare Theater, and the Library of Congress. This historic residence stands proudly at the corner of Second Street Northeast and East Capitol Street, and it was originally known as the Manning House. The home was constructed in 1891 by Edwin Manning, who was one of the architects behind the Library of Congress. He lived in this residence originally with his wife and 10 children.

Our Outdoor Gardens

When you first arrive at our state embassy, you are greeted on all sides by our lush gardens filled with a variety of plants. This garden was created in honor of Grace Nelson, wife of Senator Bill Nelson. Upon entering our garden gate, you are led down a path to our large brick-paved courtyard. We have recently unveiled our new statue titled “Florida: A Seminole Girl” by Nilda Comas, a world-renowned sculpturist based in Florida and Italy. We have prominently displayed this work at the front of our garden facing the Supreme Capitol. As you continue down the path, you will see our captivating beach ball artwork, which was created by renowned Miami-based artist Romero Britto. It adds a splash of color to every visit. Once you enter our courtyard, you'll discover our magnificent fountain, prominently displayed in honor of Emilie Shaw, wife to former Congressman E. Clay Shaw and current Florida House Trustee Emeritus.

Our Staircase and Awning Transformation

Did you know our front door used to be the back door? While the home was the Manning House, our front door was in the garden;  today, it still features the stained glass 200 above the door. In 1973, our main steps were relocated to our steps off of East Capitol Street. Today, our vibrant green awning warmly welcomes guests from around the world. This was added during renovations in the 1980’s, and is a beacon for guests and visitors looking for our state embassy.

Welcome to the Foyer!

Enter the foyer, where history, culture, and art from around our state converge. When you come inside, you are greeted by a portrait of Mrs. Chiles.

Her artwork titled '1845 Map of Florida' - a testament to the legacy of our state - is also prominently on display.

Admire the historic furnishings, some of which were hand selected by Mrs. Chiles herself. Our newly refinished hardwood floors and furnishings throughout this level reflect those founds in classic Florida homes, which creates an inviting and comforting atmosphere for our guests.

Explore the Main Room

Just beyond our foyer through double doors is our main room. It houses the remarkable work of Florida's Highwaymen artists and Beanie Bacus, and is currently home to the beginning of our exhibit in collaboration with the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation. These large metal prints showcase breathtaking views from around our state in the comfort of our living space. Gaze at the timeless stained glass and the original mirror, which was a gift from the McLean family to Senator Royce Reynolds. The mirror is one of the few remnants from the home's early history which are still in-tact today. Our brand new furnishings, including chairs, tables, a couch, and an settee, offer more seating areas for our guests to enjoy. While you sit and relax, you can enjoy the 180 degree views of the Capitol Building and our other neighbors on the Hill.

Ascend the Upper Stairwell

Once you are ready to explore the rest of Florida House, our staircase will guide you to our upper level. These walls are adorned with a collection of artworks from notable Florida artists, including Dr. Guy Harvey, Jackson Walker, and Christopher Still. These pieces were all gifted to our state embassy by patrons or the artists themselves. Their work showcases notable figures, food, flora, fauna, and other iconic elements from throughout our state.

Discover Our Upper Level

As you ascend to the upper level, you will be greeted with the beginning of our art exhibit. Our current showcase features photography from the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation.

 Take a moment to gaze out of the windows, granting you views of our esteemed neighbors and the awe-inspiring Capitol Building.

Don't forget to explore our charming Gift Shop- filled with one-of-a-kind exclusives from vendors and creators around our state! It is housed in a grand bookcase, which was originally donated by the City of Gainesville shortly after our grand opening in 1973.

This entertaining area is ideal for small group activities, meetings, networking, parties, and much more.

Delve into the Lower Level

Before you leave, venture down to the lower level, where we showcase more fascinating history and memorabilia. You can learn about the influential figures, including fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer and Ron Jon’s world-famous surf shop. For decades, we have allowed our visitors to learn about and connect with Florida’s Congressional Delegation. We also keep pamphlets, newsletters, and brochures for our guests to see what is going on in our communities. Finally, a tour of Florida House would not be complete without seeing our Florida university sports helmets and Miss Florida tiara collection.